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Hi, my name is Siobhan and I'm the founder of Snails Studio. Our studio is currently based in Bedfordshire, just north of London.

I have been branding for businesses since completing my MA in Graphic Design in 2018. As my client base grew and demand increased, I decided to go full time with branding and launch Snails Studio in 2020.


genuinely feel lucky every day that I get to call this my job, I love working with so many different businesses who bring fresh ideas to the table. Being able to visually translate those ideas into their dream branding is such an amazing feeling.

Logo Designer
Brand Designer
Graphic Designer


I am 26 years old and love being outdoors. I have an Undergraduate Degree in English Literature and love Russian Literature from the nineteenth century.


I used to work as part of the Creative team at the Topshop flagship on Oxford Street designing and installing windows, working on seasonal set ups and launches and I absolutely loved every minute of it.

Snails Studio is now my full time job, but it's also my lifestyle. Design has always played such a huge part in my day to day life, it is constantly on my mind. Creating my branding business has allowed me to design a life where work/life balance doesn't need to be separate when every day provides such exciting and unique opportunities. 


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